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Ancient Greek mythology tells us that every human being was created in pairs. They have four arms, four legs, four eyes… but Zeus divides them into two because he fears their power. He sentences them to search for their other half for the rest of their lives. It's actually not that easy to find that person but we still look for that person without giving up. It's so special when we find the one that we want to share with everyone. That's why when we find our other half, we want to celebrate it in the most special way. The way we like and live.

Lately there are various themes to organise this special celebration. Every couple plans their wedding especially according to their own interests. These themes can be Hellenistic, fairytale or classic. Choosing the theme is very important for both the couple and the guests. The guests should wear suitable clothes with the theme of the wedding. But the question is what wedding guests should wear? There are plenty of choices.


What should a female guest wear to wedding ceremony?

For example, the Hellenic Wedding Theme, based on ancient Roman traditions, is quite simple and minimalistic and so are the dresses.  For a Hellenic-themed wedding, elegant clothes with floral patterns can be preferred by wedding guests instead of shiny, sparkly sequin dresses. When it comes to choosing the colour of the dress, the wedding guest should prefer soft colours such as green, blue, powder mint or solmon. Because matching the theme of the wedding boosts the harmony of the celebration. Choice of fabrics are also important. In addition to floral motifs on tulle or crepe, the soft touch of satin is also used in Hellenic weddings.

The other concept is Bohem Fairytale Theme Weddings. Many women have grown up watching princess series and films. They want to be like them on their wedding day wearing one of those Princess Wedding Dresses. Majestic castles, fluffy skirts, sparkling crowns and more. At these kinds of themed weddings, guests can choose tulle fluffy skirts, embroidered tight bustiers and maxi dresses with brave slits to reflect their attractiveness. Another important point in choosing a wedding guest dress is colour. Especially dark colours can be preferred in the Fairytale concept such as burgundy, navy, orange, red or purple.

The last one is Classic Wedding. Chic and Minimalist touch. Couples who want to tie the knot in a private reception with loved ones, tend to arrange a classic themed wedding. A soft white wedding dress, pinky flowers are everywhere and walking down the aisle elegantly.  In this atmosphere, what the guests wear is as important as what the bride wears. Timeless A-silhouette or half mermaid dresses can be preferred by the guests. Maxi Satin Dresses or Midi Dresses are also very suitable choice to wear for this special occasion. For classic weddings the choice of colours is quite easy. Light brown, yellow, orange or pink tones come to the fore.

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What not to wear as a wedding guest?

Wearing extravagant dresses, or being overdressed  are not very pleasant unless it is suitable for the special theme of the wedding. If the theme of the wedding is related to a science fiction film, you can wear different costumes or dresses to match it. Other than those, it is necessary to dress in appropriate evening dresses according to the theme of the wedding in order not to ruin the ceremony of the bride and groom.

What colours not to choose for wedding guests?

According to some traditions, some colors are not wearable in receptions as sepcial occasion dress. For example black color. Black color represent mourn and sadness in some cultures. The other color is White. In some cultures no wedding guest should wear White maxi or White mini dress on someone else’s wedding reception. Only the bride can wear White dress which is the wedding gown. No one else is supposed to wear White colour dress because the bride is supposed to be the centre of attention.


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