Ball Gown Dresses

What is a Ball Gown Style Dress?

Within the perfect ball gown, be ready to shine! Generally speaking, gowns have been the symbols of nobility, wealth, and personality for hundreds of years. In the past, women had consulted gowns so that they could create their perfect image in the eyes and minds of kings and noble people. There are various types of gowns that are decorated according to the occasion and one of them is a ball gown

What is a Ball Gown?

Ball gowns had been worn by women on special occasions. This type of dress consists of a skirt reaching the floor and generally a low neckline. Since they had been worn for special occasions, it would be foolish to expect these dresses to be made from cheap fabrics. The best fabrics with beautiful decorations have been used for them. In the past, it was a rule for noble families since they had a close relationship with the royal family. The general environment necessitated wearing ball gowns. Today, they are still important as indicators of the prestige of that person and the occasion itself. The most prevalent occasion where women wear ball gowns is a wedding ceremony. However, not every wedding theme is appropriate for a ball gown. 

Appropriate Wedding Themes

Since a person means one way of imagination, wedding themes cannot be counted, lined, or categorized. Every couple has dreams for the most important day of their lives. However, everyone must accept that ball gowns cannot be worn in every wedding ceremony. The wedding should be grander and larger than normal. Since this type of wedding dress has a large skirt, it is also not appropriate for summer and beach weddings. If you have already made your decision about the summer season and want to wear a ball gown wedding dress, you can prefer a dress with lighter material. Winter or fall weddings are the best for these wedding dresses. You can add elegant sleeves to your ball gown and enjoy the warmth and beauty at the same time. If you have already planned your wedding as a black-tie, formal ceremony, you may want to add long trains. You will see how this tail adds perfection to your dress. 

Ball Gown Dresses for whom?

Of course, we are living in the liberty age and people can wear whatever they want. However, do not forget that these kinds of occasions are so important and unforgettable, and you would not like to be remembered with a dress that did not fit you well. Whether the occasion is a wedding ceremony or a black-tie occasion, it does not matter, you should be picky and careful about your choices. Ball gown dresses are suited well for mid-height or tall women. Since the skirt of this dress is horizontally wide, it can make short women look shorter.

Ball Gown Skirt Types

There are various skirt types which can appeal to different tastes. All women have ideas about their bodies and taste in fashion. Thanks to the developing fashion industry and the free world which enables stylists to act freely, you can find the best ball gown with a specific skirt for your dress. We chose 3 main types for you and you can find them in detail below.

  • Layered skirt: This first type is a layered skirt. You may want your tailor to add layers of tulle or chiffon to your skirt, or you can be lucky to find one according to your taste. A layered skirt will make you look as if you came from a magical land. Inside that dress, you can feel like a princess.
  • Cascading skirt: Cascade skirts are equally beautiful. Fine labor can create smooth flowing lines on the skirt and make your dress look impressive and elegant. In these days, people like to combine different fabrics, so do not be close to the change! It is good to check them before the occasion to ensure your stylishness.
  • Abstract and asymmetrical cuts: These types of skirts cannot be found in the past, however, today’s world opens the door for new and courageous attempts. Once, one stylist imagined challenging old ways of doing things, and now, we have these types of cuts for skirts. In these dresses, we see combined frills both horizontally and vertically. There is no one way for this style. You can image your dress and discuss it with the designer. Trust us, the result will be unforgettable!

Do not forget there is more to discover! Also, fashion is an experimental experience, so you can push your limits and create your own way to dress up!


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